What on Earth is Flexitarianism?

In a recent study conducted by supermarket chain, Waitrose, it emerged that one third of the UK population are taking action to reduce their meat consumption. Moreover, 60% of those who have shifted to a vegetarian or vegan diet have done so in the last five years.

It would seem that the UK, along with some other countries, are beginning to shift their environmental awareness, with the survey further revealing that 55 per cent made this dietary change due to animal welfare concerns and 38 per cent because they were worries about the environmental impacts of eating meat and dairy products.

So, what might be the answer for the rest of the people in the UK, perhaps those who have similar concerns but find it more difficult to lead a life without some of their favourite foods?

Behold the flexitarian diet! The survey also uncovered that a fifth of consumers describe themselves as flexitarian.

Now, flexitarianism isn’t something entirely new, but over the past few years has become increasing popular as it appears to be a much easier to adopt dietary change for some.

What is a flexitarian?

Simply put flexitarianism is a ‘casual vegetarian diet’. Other words used to describe this dietary choice include – semi-vegetarian, flexible vegetarian, meat reducer. The diet consists of eating predominantly vegetarian and plant-based foods with the occasional meat or fish-based dish. For example, as a flexitarian you might eat meat a couple of times a week, perhaps at the weekend or when eating out.

Why choose a flexitarian diet?

Numerous studies continue to show that meat production is responsible for the majority of greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore, reducing meat consumption is seen to be one of the best ways we can all reduce our environmental impact.

For those who would like to be vegan or vegetarian but struggle with the reality of having to cut some of the food they enjoy, this is the ideal alternative which can provide the best of both worlds.

How easy is it to be a flexitarian?

Currently in the UK, it has been estimated that around 22 million Brits have adopted a flexitarian diet.

With major supermarkets offering more and more meat-free products and restaurants increasing their vegetarian and vegan choices, the demand is already having an impact, making this reduced meat and meat free diets much easier to achieve and maintain.

At PenniBlack, our creative team love nothing more than to think up delicious and flavourful gastronomical delights to cater for all dietary choices, whether you’re a flexitarian, vegetarian or vegan, you can enjoy our locally sourced and seasonally focused special menus for all your catering needs.

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