Unique Ways to Reward Your Team for a Job Well Done

Reward and recognition are an important part of maintaining staff morale, engagement and productivity. Yet sometimes, more common ways of demonstrating this can be a bit predicable and let’s be honest a quite boring!

Ultimately, anything that is a bit samey or unoriginal will fail to become attractive at some point and in this case is likely to lose the intention behind it. So, what’s the answer to keeping your employees motivated and feeling rewarded for their efforts? It’s simple – keep things fresh, exciting and new by changing up your employee rewards and staff incentives.

Yes, you might be thinking, what if we run out of ideas…rest assured, as masters of creative and innovative approaches to food, PenniBlack are on hand to give you some inspired reward ideas your staff will love. And the best bit is they don’t have to be expensive and lavish.

Team Lunch

You can never go wrong with food as an incentive, but rather than a few cakes or biscuits, offer a luxury (possibly themed) team lunch. Enjoying the casual and fun nature of sharing yummy food can be extremely motivating and just the mention of free lunch will have your team hitting their targets before 12pm! However, to keep this truly unique and attractive, choose creative catering to make this special for your team.

Traveling Trophy

Have your team create a makeshift trophy, object, hat etc which is given to a team member who has gone above and beyond. Anyone in the team can give this impromptu reward, providing much needed peer-peer appreciation and team support.


Giving your staff a freebie day off may seem counterproductive, yet in today’s world work-life balance is important to staff and the perfect reward can be to say as you’ve achieved results you can have a day to do something for you – your company gets the required deliverables in a more productive manner as the hope would be the work will get in a more efficient and productive manner. Alternatively, offer flexible working hours or perhaps a work from home day.

VIP Meeting Initiation

Considering those looking to work hard may well be interested in progressing in your company, providing the opportunity to be rewarded with a chance to attend an important board room meetings or product launch can be a great incentive for your staff. Throw in a delicious lunch and this makes for the perfect employee reward.

Peer Recognition

Providing a platform for staff to easily acknowledge and show their appreciation for each other, can do wonders for increasing staff morale and overall productivity. These can be shared on something like your staff intranet or simply an office bulletin board. Then, perhaps put those mentioned into a surprise prize draw.

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