The PenniBlack Team: What Do We Value Most as a Company?

As a catering company, it’s often assumed that food is at the forefront of our business and the thing that we value the most. Yes, we love food and are dedicated to providing divine cuisine for our clients but there’s something that’s even more important to us, and that’s our team.

Without our wonderful team we wouldn’t be who we are, a team of enthusiastic caterers and event creatives, and we wouldn’t be able to create such innovative menus and visions without each single team member. We aren’t just a team, we’re a family and we work together, helping each other from office to kitchen to front of house.

We have key core values and best practices that are an extremely important part of who we are.

Core Values & Best practicesCore Values and Best Practices

Our core values are the fundamental beliefs of our company and these guiding principles dictate the behaviour and attitudes of our team. They also help us to determine whether we are on the right path to fulfilling our goals.

The PenniBlack core values are embraced by all the team and are demonstrated through everything we do.

Teamwork and creativity are two of our most vital values but it’s also very important that our team displays loyalty, integrity, passion and respect, whilst creating bespoke, quality menus that are fun and colourful.

Meanwhile, sustainability and ethics are the backbones of the PenniBlack brand, with all of this contributing to the commitment to our customers.

Sustainability Practices

In addition to our core values, we also take sustainability very seriously and we are devoted to making advancements in every aspect of the company when it comes to being efficient and eco-friendly.

Environmental management and corporate social responsibility are at the forefront of these six main categories:


When it comes to catering, health and safety always come first but we also ensure that:

  • All dietary requirements are catered for, including vegan and gluten-free
  • Reusable and recyclable material is always used
  • We work with responsible local suppliers using their seasonal FairTrade products to reduce environmental impact and cut transportation emissions


When it comes to venues we make sure that:

  • we consider the environmental impact of events at venues
  • we work with environmentally responsible venues with good access to public transport connections
  • minimise energy and water consumption as much as we can
  • streamline waste management at venues


Within our team we:

  • encourage teamwork
  • encourage effective open communication
  • support creativity
  • provide training and opportunities for professional development to all of our team


Communication is essential but here at PenniBlack we ensure that:

  • before and after the event, minimise the amount of print material in favour of electronic communication
  • we use digital marketing to provide user and mobile-friendly communications rather than print materials
  • share success stories

Waste Management

Environmental management is very important to us here at PenniBlack and therefore we assure that we:

  • minimise waste at both company and events
  • use efficient recycling procedures
  • minimise the use of paper communications
  • support using reusable or recyclable sustainable materials
  • minimise the usage of disposable materials


In order to maintain a consistent level of service for our clients and to make sure our processes and procedures remain constant and effective we always:

  • analyse after the event what was successful in meeting sustainable event management objectives
  • use appropriate and transparent monitoring and reporting procedures
  • communicate results, celebrate success, learn from lessons and improve for the future
  • communicate and motivate suppliers and staff to improve positive reputation and company image

To find out more about our team and how each person contributes to the PenniBlack brand head to our About Us page.

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