About PenniBlack

Team PenniBlack – Catering Services and Event Creatives

Team PB, the PenniBlack creatives, are hand picked for their unique qualities and experience. The feeling of professionalism, enthusiasm and creativity shines through from the office to the kitchen to the front of the house event team, ensuring every event is executed with careful attention to detail to meet and exceed our clients bespoke visions and expectations.

Andy Penniceard
Is the financial and managing director of PenniBlack. A lover of rugby, he uses his skills from the pitch to the workplace. Daily motivational and focus meetings take place around the scrum board. Working as a team on tactics to achieve company goals and constantly striving to improve performance.
How do we get there?
We try try try and try again
A true Taurean, he will go for what he wants head on and won’t let anything get in his way

Charlotte Penniceard
Charlotte Penniceard, founder of PenniBlack.  The CP stands for Creative Passion, always dreaming up unique concepts, designs, presentation and styling, Brainstorming innovative ideas to make every event stand apart.  Skilled at both front and back of house, plus a hands on mother of 4, she understands the meaning of multi tasking, and is always happy to get properly stuck in.  Her motto is Always be yourself unless you can be a unicorn, and create a little magic.

Danelle Van Tonder – Wedding and Venue Manager
Danelle Van Tonder is our PenniBlack veteran and an extremely experienced event and wedding co-ordinator. She has been through the highs and occasional hurdles, always coming through with a smile and a perfect solution to everything.  As a new mum she carries all those vital qualities into the work she does. She is a multi-tasker, able to manage and organise all requirements seamlessly. She cares, and both her team and clients know they can count on her for everything. Their every need is heard and understood. She is a rock of support to all around her.  Being South African, she is free spirited and wild at heart, and that passion and creativity flows in all her events.  She has co-ordinated and  managed weddings in both the UK and SA. She recalls one wedding where they even had a live cheetah.  South African wedding are all about location, being on beaches, mountain tops or vineyards, with a real focus on decadence.

Gabor Gergely – Operations Manager
Or ‘Gabor the Great’ as he is known to the team, is a master of many attributes. He is a highly organised, pro active system implementer, logistics man, who notices every tiny detail.  He is an expert event manager, a sales leader and a professional photographer all under one belt.  Yet like a swan whilst working so hard to achieve his goals and meeting tight deadlines, on the surface he is always level headed, and friendly and a real people’s person. Keep calm and leave it to Gabor.

Heather Green – Sales, Events and Wedding Co-Ordinator
Newest member to our team is bubbly Heather; full of energy, enthusiasm and creativity, she thinks outside the box, making every event completely unique and stunningly beautiful. Heather has years of event management experience, organising and running her first event, a charity football tournament, at 14! Heather is a multi-tasker and is prepared to give everything a go; she has ran over a hundred weddings, once even creating a Harry Potter themed wedding complete with love potion cocktails; she has organised her own festival; she was recently a Pixie-Celebrant for a Creatures of the Forest-style wedding! She is also a talented artist and her creative flair and eye for detail is second to none.

Earl White – Chef
Earl White has worked with PenniBlack since the early years and is a key member of the team.  Earl has been a chef for almost 30 years, 10 years head, managing banquets for up to 2000 people per day. He is extremely talented and shows pride, flair, and  contagious enthusiasm in all that he does. Kudos votes him chef of the year!  He is a master at British fine dining, and his speciality being Caribbean, he brings vibrant flavours to all his dishes.  He is a family man with strong core values which he reflects in his management of the kitchen brigade. His most exciting event to date was working at the worlds first barbeque in the sky, 200 feet above the ground

Michael Beugnet – Chef
Micheal Beugnet has been a chef for 32 years and comfortably caters for any number guests, from 10 to 500 or more! His experience is diverse including fine dining for celebrities such as Ringo Star, Eric Clapton and Sting; cooking for royalty such as the Queen of Jordan, and even his own French presidents François Mitterrand, Jack Chirac, and Jean paul 2 alongside chef Pierre Gagnaire And Joël Robuchon. He has mastered ice carvings, food sculpture and even classic butchery. In addition to this he has vast knowledge of all diets; high fat, low fat, keto, working alongside gymnasiums and well being centres. Michael also holds cooking classes on a regular basis. His style is classic French-Mediterranean, Italian and Spanish but he has a wealth of knowledge of other cuisines including Turkish and Lebanese. Michael is chatty, sociable and passionate about what he does. You will feel like you have known him for years!

Tokie Hamano – Head Pasty and Canape Chef
Tokie Hamano is our head pastry and canape chef. She is also a master of all Japanese and Asian food. Japanese chefs are true artists when it comes to cooking, who have undergone vigorous training to make outstandingly beautiful food and Tokie is no exception. Everything she makes is a work of art visually and also bursting with flavour.  She started her career holding Japanese cookery classes, and then went onto fine dining at a VIP membership club. She has worked with a number of Indian chefs over the years and and has picked up a vast knowledge of authentic Indian cuisine, as well as Modern British, French and Mediterranean. Tokie is so versatile and able to meet and exceed any bespoke client requirements

David Cook
David Cooke the brigades solid and reliable commis chef, packer, organiser, hygiene manager, and event assistant chef.  Quiet and calming, the eyes and ears of the operations. He is the head chefs ‘ go to‘ man for all his needs. He has a meticulous eye for detail, takes great pride in his work, and is a thoroughly decent man.  His favourite events to date were being part of a ‘cinema style’ boxed lunch event for 250 people, and also cooking at a multicultural festival street food party.