Organising a Gala Dinner with a Difference

For event planners, organising a gala dinner can be an extremely rewarding experience. It’s a chance to get really creative and achieve a unique night to remember for your guests.

As expert event planners, our team here at PenniBlack have had the pleasure of bringing the wow factor to many a gala dinner event.

It may initially seem like a fairly overwhelming task to undertake, but the truth is it doesn’t have to be a complicated process. By focusing your efforts on some key areas, your gala party can be easily elevated to a grander level.

Venue Choice

Where you hold your gala dinner will be a decision that can hugely impact your entire event. Whilst it is true that any plain room can be given a makeover for an event, the size, shape, architecture and grandeur of the venue, will all shape the overall look and feel of the evening.

Look at the venue and room as the backdrop of your event, it can set the scene and add to the atmosphere you are trying to create. So, be sure to spend time finding the perfect event venue.

Purposeful Decoration

Whether you choose from gala theme ideas or just focus on a traditional gala event, when it comes to decoration you don’t need to go overboard to achieve the wow factor.

It is more about concentrating your efforts on focus points and making a statement with these. For example, some elegant floral displays can instantly lift both the tables and the entire function room.

Bring glimpses of colour through your choice of chair sashes and lighting displays.

Unique Elements

There is a traditional structure to most gala dinner events and changing this up a bit, can transform your event into something very special.

This might be making an unusual choice for the entertainment option – such as an acrobatic performance.

What you choose specifically, will depend on what you are looking to achieve with the overall look and feel. Keep any choices in line with this, but don’t be afraid to do something a little bit different to excite your guests.

Exquisite Catering

A mediocre menu is definitely something you should avoid if you want to deliver an outstanding event. Opt for creative catering which both looks stunning and tastes sensational.

Food is often the topic of discussion at an event, so be sure that it is how incredible the food is, that has got your guests talking!

Do get in touch for further support and ideas for your gala dinner event.

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