Can You Promote an Event Without a Budget?

Event planning has so many aspects to it and if your event includes sales, marketing will make up a large part of the process for achieving success. Event costs can quickly add up and new events often have tight budgets, so it’s unlikely you will have a lot of money to allocate specifically to marketing.

How to market your event without any budget at all may seem like an impossible task but thankfully for you, our expert event managers here at PenniBlack, have a few tricks of the trade to share with you so you can easily promote your event without spending a penny. What? Free event marketing? Yes!

Event offerings

If you choose the right name, branding and offer the best experience and value for money for your potential audience, they will come to find you!

This is particularly true when it comes to niche events, as you literally have low to no competition. It is in these situations where customers tend to seek you out rather than the other way around.

So, in effect, your aim would be to create a self-marketing event purely based on being so specialist!

For regular events, be sure to seek regular feedback and keep things evolving based on this evaluation. Otherwise, you risk what was once awesome, becoming samey and boring and that sure won’t help sell your event!

Word of mouth is still a thing

This underacted ‘old skool’ marketing approach is still by far ‘THE’ best free tool you will have for promoting your event

Using real-life people to sell your event is not only free but really quite easy. Firstly, you will need to establish a network and that might be through the people involved in your event delivery or attending events where you can establish these kinds of connections. In general, people are more trusting of information or recommendations from someone they know, so the key is to use these connections to reach larger networks.

If this is your first event, it is important to integrate and encourage social sharing during your event. Therefore, ensure you share your hashtag and make it easy for attendees to do this. You want your attendees raving about their experience of your event online to spread the word for future events.

Selective social platforms

There are lots of other social media promotion ideas out there, but they do take either time or money. Whilst the platform itself is free, some require at least some budget to reach an audience. Therefore, the only way to have completely free social media marketing is either through time and effort or being selective by choosing the platforms which best support proactive engagement.

For example, on Facebook, people must come to your business page – so you have to attract them to it. Whereas on LinkedIn and Instagram you can easily search for your ideal audience and reach out and connect with them.

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