Best Veggies for Healthier Desserts

Some people may turn their nose up at the thought of something savoury featuring in desserts, but you can’t knock it until you’ve tried it!

Using vegetables in desserts is not something new but is growing in popularity as a great way to add extra nutrition to an otherwise not so healthy sweet treat.

Now, we’re sure you are familiar with your carrot cakes and pumpkin pie but there are of course many other veggies which can be used to create delicious sweet dishes and often you don’t even know they’re hiding in there!

So, without further ado, here are some lesser common vegetables you might not have known can be used in desserts.


Because of its high water content, adding courgettes to cakes and muffins creates a very moist and light sponge.

Often combined with chocolate and other fruits, you would hardly even know it contained any trace of a vegetable!


It’s tender and gooey qualities make aubergine an ideal dessert ingredient candidate! From the French classic tarte tatin to more traditional cakes and bakes, aubergine really adds an intriguing element to sweet dishes – who knew that aubergine could be so versatile?!


Ok technically not a vegetable but as they are traditionally used in savoury dishes, hopefully you will forgive us!

Avocados are so incredibly versatile you can make some truly luxurious desserts. They’re healthful as they can replace unhealthy fats such as butter, eggs and cream. You can use them to make so much – ice cream, cheesecake, mousse and brownies!


Not only does this veggie bring rich earthly flavour, it also delivers that visually appealing vibrant burst of colour associated with desserts. As such, it is pretty hard to ‘hide’ this ingredient!

Beetroot can be used to enhance flavour and texture in almost any dessert recipe including pastries, donuts, cakes, puddings, cookies, pancakes, scones, breads, ice creams, sorbets, smoothies, mousses – you name it you can sneak a beetroot in it.

Sweet Potato

Much like pumpkin, sweet potato is a great choice for desserts and the potential for recipes are far too numerous to list here. Obviously, they hold a natural sweet flavour and the texture works extremely well in most baked goods.


Yep, it’s an actual thing. Spinach in dessert may sounds strange and perhaps not particularly appealing but combined with other ingredients this nutritious hit is worth experimenting with. In fact, you would hardly even notice if it weren’t for its distinctive colour and you could still be fooled its pistachio. Why not throwing in some spinach when you bake your next cake?

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