Benefits Of Sustainable Foods

Sustainable foods are creating a healthy and planet-friendly way of living. We at Penni Black try to incorporate sustainability throughout the company and our food. There are many health benefits as well as benefits for the planet. So let us dive right and see what benefits sustainable foods have to offer.


  • Eating fresh, unprocessed foods like vegetables, grains, nuts, beans and other fresh produce can have many health benefits for you. It can decrease the risk of diseases such as; decreasing the risk of certain cancers and lowering your cholesterol.  


  •  Sustainable foods, meaning that there is none or less waste. The product is used entirely. In the UK alone, it’s estimated that there were 9.5 million tonnes of food waste last year. Eating and producing sustainable foods will help to clean and maintain our planet.



  • With sustainable produce being grown or raised on farms that use fewer chemicals such as pesticides and even antibiotics, this, in turn, means that you are then exposed to fewer chemicals found in your normal grocery foods. This means that eating more sustainably can help reduce the risk of dangerous illnesses caused by common chemicals in produce.


  • They use less fossil fuel, produce fewer greenhouse gases, and often depend on human labour rather than chemicals and energy-intensive technology. Sustainable farms encourage biodiversity, conserve scarce water resources, and build healthy soil through techniques like composting and planting cover crops.


Sustainable foods and sustainable living is the way forward and all of us at Penni Black pride ourselves on our fresh food!




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