5 Cheese’s to Include on Your Charcuterie Board!

First of all, let’s start with the basics!


A charcuterie selection is a French-inspired tradition in which cured meats & paté, cheeses, olives, nuts and bread are prepared or assembled. The board should have a variety of textures and flavours when put together to enhance each other. When it comes to cheese selections, it is down to the tastebuds of yourself and your guest. However, we have collected our top picks alongside a flavour profile of each of them.




Gouda cheese (made from cow’s milk) originates in Holland and is named after a city in Holland. The city is still famous today as many of the surrounding towns come in to get their cheeses weighed and sold at the market. Young aged and Old aged Goudas have very separate flavour profiles. If you prefer sweet flavours the young aged gouda is the cheese to pick. It has a sweet caramel-like flavour with a dense springy texture. Older Goudas are more pungent and saltier in taste with a similar dense texture. 



Mature Cheddar is a well-known cheese that works well with almost all meat pairings. Cheddars tend to have a sweet, hazelnut flavour but depending on the age of the cheddar these flavours are enhanced. Cheddar made in a classical way tends to have a sharp, pungent flavour, often slightly earthy. Mature cheddar unlike mild cheddars has a crumbly texture when cut into.



Blue cheese has a much stronger flavour profile than the others above this is because the cheese is cured with penicillium mould. The mould typically shows up as a green or blue colour hence the name. It is made typically from goat’s milk but can be made from cows and sheep as well. The flavour profile of this cheese can range from sharp, spicy and salty. This flavour would work well with a slice of mild-tasting meat that can enhance the flavours of this bold tasting cheese.



Brie is a soft cheese made from cow’s milk and named after a region in France from where the cheese originated. The cheese has a thin layer of white mould that covers the softer, gooey texture inside. This cheese is full of flavour and has notes of fruity and earthy tones.


Parmigiano is a hard, granular cheese made in Italy and is usually grated or thinly sliced when presented. It has rich, intense aromas and flavours. It has a savoury taste and works well with hot and cold foods. 


And that’s it! We hope that these top picks can help you to create your ultimate charcuterie board.


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