Plant Based Foods. What Are The Benefits?

There have been mass studies that have proven plant-based food/diets can contribute to many health perks. Fruits, vegetables, nuts, greens, beans and peas make up the nutritional requirements needed for healthy, balanced meals. Over the past couple of years, the plant-based diet has become mainstream, with many learning of its nutritional values. There are many benefits to plant-based foods so let’s explore!


Helps Maintain a Healthy Weight


Plant-based diets are a great healthy way to keep your body at a healthy weight. Many diets require you to cut out fats or carbohydrates to see results. A plant-based diet does this without you missing out on a cheeky carb or protein. This is because plant-based foods can offer all the nutrients your body needs without the extra added calories. However, going vegan is not just a trend you must make sure your meals are healthy, your intake is nutritional and balanced. 


Keeps Your Heart Healthy


There have shown to be studies that prove that plant-based food can decrease the risk of heart issues. A plant-based diet does not consist of any saturated fats, unlike meats which mean the heart is at less risk of heart disease and lower your cholesterol. “A study published in 2014 looked at 198 patients to further investigate whether eating a strict plant-based diet could stop or reverse heart disease. 177 of the tested patients who kept up with the plant-based diet, reported a reduction in symptoms. Whilst the other  22 per cent had disease reversal confirmed by test results.


Helps You Live Longer


Science has shown us that mainly plant-based diets can expand your years of life. Vegetarian or vegan diets have been shown to help maintain youth and defend against many diseases that come with old age. Diets made up of vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds and whole grains, can all help to slow down the ageing process.


“ Research sponsored by the U.S. The Department of Defense found that following a plant-based diet for just three months can significantly increase telomeres and help to slow or reverse the ageing process.”


There are a variety of foods that can help you eat more sustainably or even eventually adapt to a vegan lifestyle. Whether you want to try it out once a week or go straight it’s safe to say, the benefits are endless when it comes to plant-based foods!



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