5 Brunch Meal Ideas!


The brunch movement has become a massive trend. Originating from Americans, the brunch aesthetic is now loved all over the world. We at PenniBlack have created the ultimate list of our best brunch meal ideas, from veggie inspired dishes to twists on snack classics we will share it all! So what do we have up first?


Mini Beef and Seasonal Salad Sliders:

These beef burgers are a great way to please your meat lovers. Topped with seasonal salad and a slice of delicious blue cheese, these sliders are definitely a must-have for your brunch!

Grilled Prawn & Veg Bites:

Here is another one of our picks! We have a lighter snack option for our seafood lovers, they are easy eaters and very lightly seasoned to hero the delicious prawn!


Mini Hot Dogs & garnish:

These bite-size treats are a great addition to the brunch menu! They are a great balance between sweet and savoury with the caramelized onion chutney chiming all the flavours together.

Cheese & Fruit Platters:

This is a great simple idea, that can be altered to taste and favourites which will work for every brunch. From vibrant strawberries to creamy cheese you can do it all!


Wines, Prosecco and Soft Drinks:

Last, but definitely not least we have our beverages. This could be anything that pairs best with wines or prosecco! Why not check out our blog ‘Meats and Wines’ to find the best pairings! 

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