5 Strategies to Better Manage Wedding Planning Stress

Planning a wedding brings together a wide range of emotional highs and lows, from excitement to anxiety. It can be mentally, physically and emotionally draining to the point where you can even forget the real reason behind the intention of marriage – to commit to the love of your life!

With weddings involving so many components, it’s natural to experience a certain level or stress. You’re certainly not wrong to wonder how to plan a stress-free wedding and if this is even possible!

Whilst stress-free might be a little high to aim for, there are approaches that can significantly lower your stress levels a nd help you to enjoy the wedding planning process.


One of the biggest causes of wedding planning stress is our own unrealistic expectations of ourselves! We strive so hard for perfection and to please everyone, we inevitably suffer as a result.

Instead aim for a ‘good enough’ rather than ‘perfection’ and give yourself a break. Value your limits and manage the expectations of others by setting clear boundaries – for example learn to say no!


Setting yourself a realistic timeline will do wonders for reducing the potential for stress. By giving yourself plenty of time, you can focus on the specific elements and deal with any unforeseen changes.

You are also more likely to avoid certain problems that last-minute events experience such as availability of guests.


We all need support through challenging times and as a mammoth task, planning a wedding most definitely fits the criteria for you to pool your resources. As family and friends can sometimes be one of the stress factors, you may find it useful to seek support from professional wedding planners.

With most event managers offering a bespoke and flexible service, you can focus support on areas you are most struggling with or alternatively you can of course offload the entire task.

You Time

If you have given yourself a good amount of time, you should find no problem with fitting in much needed ‘non-wedding’ related activities! Take the time to do things you most enjoy doing.

Crash dieting will only fuel stress as your body struggles to function without the appropriate nutrition. Instead, be sure to eat a nutritious diet and enjoy a good level of physical activity which will all help both your waist line and mental health.


When stressed our breath automatically triggers biological changes – breaths become shorter, your heartrate increases, muscles tighten, and blood pressure raises. The thoughts and emotions you experience have a direct effect on your physical body and thankfully this can be reversed with the magical power of breathing!

By slowing and deepening your breath, you can notice your heartbeat steady, your muscles relax, and your mind quieten. Balanced breathing is said to place your nervous system into a neutral state which can be achieved by taking the same breath count in and out in one fluid motion.

For support with wedding catering or any other event elements, do get in touch with one of our expert wedding coordinators.

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