2020 Wedding Trends to Inspire You

You couldn’t have picked a more exciting time to take the plunge! With the latest wedding trends set to continue to evolve into next year, getting married in 2020 has so much potential for creating your dream wedding.

This year has continued to see a steep rise in environmental awareness with people becoming inspired to make more conscious consumer choices and ‘do their bit’ for the greater good. Of course, such lifestyle choices are shaping wedding and catering trends and at PenniBlack we have seen an increasing number of couples choosing us because we are an environmentally friendly company.

But above all else, one of the largest growing trends is a real attention is on weddings that are simply focused on you and what you love. Yep, you heard right – basically the biggest trend you can follow for your 2020 wedding is to make your wedding as uniquely you as possible – why follow the crowd, when you were born to stand out!

Innovative and Creative Catering

Food trends in 2020 are predicted to continue to feature plant based and healthful choices. Whilst this is likely to influence wedding catering choices, it is also the style of catering that is a key area for couples looking to shake things up and be a bit more adventurous with innovative catering options for their guests.

Move over formal dining, interactive food stations and street food vans are here, and they are set to bring joy and sociability to wedding celebrations in 2020.

Quirky Entertainment

Now this is an area you can really put your stamp on. With so many interesting options available nowadays, choosing something different, fun and interactive for your guests could set the tone for the entire evening.

So, forget the boring band and photo booth and broaden your horizons – think aerialists, circus performers, fireworks, comedians, magicians, fairground rides, flash mobs and choirs.

Wild and Nature Inspired Themes

Earthly elements and using raw and natural materials are becoming increasingly popular themes in the wedding scene. These work inside or out, and it can be simplistic or elaborate to suit your personal tastes.

We’re talking wild flower displays and bouquets, rustic wooden furniture, rattan and wicker accents and if you’re opting for an indoor wedding, you could even feature real grass table covering.

Eco-Conscious Weddings

Is it even possible to create a green wedding? Yes, and it’s far easier than you might think.

Switch out plastic straws for paper ones – or just ditch them entirely – and essentially re-use and recycle anywhere you possibly can. This also means making it easy for your guests to do so i.e. by providing recycling bins. If you can why not try organising a completely plastic-free wedding?

When choosing suppliers, think local and seasonal as remember everything you buy has an ecological footprint.

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